Back River Gin
Gin made in the London tradition with a Maine twist, blueberries.  The combination of organic botanicals, Maine blueberries, and sea air give our gin its refreshing taste.

Cranberry Gin
Maine Cranberries combine with this fruity gin to make a wonderful mixer.  Try it with tonic for a Pink G&T or as a Crantini.  There's nothing like it!

Three Crow Rum
Top grade cane molasses fermented and distilled during the cold Maine winter for ultra-smooth rum, aged in bourbon barrels, hints of caramel and butterscotch.

Apple Brandy
Local apples blended and distilled into near perfection, the essence of 40 apples in each bottle.  Taste this Maine brandy aged for 36 months with its fresh apple aromas, pecan, and crème brulee flavors.

Blueberry Bitters
Made with wild Maine blueberry wine and our blend of bitter botanicals.

Cranberry Bitters
Made with Maine cranberries, tangerines, and bitter botanicals. 

Oak RESERVE Blueberry
Bold but dry, French oak barrel aged wild Maine blueberry red wine.

Deep blueberry aromas and flavors with a hint of smoke.

Vibrant young blueberry wine with hints of chocolate and bramble fruits.

Autumn crisp!  Awarded a gold medal and named best wine from Maine by the 2010 Big E, Eastern States Wine Competition!

Cranberry Apple
Refreshingly tart, with hints of apples, cranberries and cherries - an autumn favorite!

Sparkling Cranberry Apple
Festive - a perfect way to celebrate a special day or any day.

Peaches, Peaches, Peaches!

Blueberry Smash
Robust flavors of berries and roasted currants.  A true tawny aged 3 years in French oak barrels.

Rhubarb Smash
A liqueur of Maine Rhubarb and Elderberries.

Peach Smash
Rich peach flavors with a touch of apricot and honeysuckle nectar.

Cranberry Smash
Our customer's favorite. Maine cranberries made into a delicious wine fortified with our own cranberry brandy.

Maple Smash
A blend of barrel aged brandy and our own maple syrup.

Dry Vidal Blanc, brandy, with a warm nutmeg finish

Pure Vanilla Extract
Made from 100% organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans, 35% alcohol, and spring water.  No sugar added and gluten free.

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